What services do we provide?

We cover all standard areas of law, but litigation, arbitration, regulatory and risk management are our premium business advisory and representation services.

How to contact us?

By phone, e-mail or contact form. We invite you, individually or in teams to meetings by appointment.

Is it necessary to conclude a written contract for legal services?

Yes, we operate on the basis of agreements with clients confirmed in writing. Contracts are subject to Polish law and the rules of legal services under the law and the code of ethics of attorneys and legal counsel.

What are the rules of billing for services?

We establish them individually with the client when establishing the terms of cooperation. We work on the basis of hourly rates or budgets, depending on the nature of the case and the client’s preferences.

Do you have liability insurance for your services?

Our lawyers individually and our law firm as such have full liability insurance cover. We can provide detailed information in this regard upon request.

What is attorney-client privilege?

Attorney-client privilege derives from the law and means that an attorney or counsel has a duty to keep secret everything he or she learns while providing legal assistance and handling a case, and this duty is permanent, without time-bar. An attorney/counsel cannot be exempted from this confidentiality obligation.

When can you not undertake a case?

We do not undertake cases if the conflict check procedure we have conducted reveals a conflict of interests that prevents us from representing and advising the client.

Do you conduct pro bono activities?

We undertake pro bono cases and have numerous portfolios to show. The acceptance of a pro bono case depends on its nature and is based on an individual agreement between the client and the firm.

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